McCordsville Barbershop

" Old Fashion Barbershop In A Caboose "
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McCordsville Barbershop is owned and ran by Gary Wiley of McCordsville, Indiana.  Gary was born and raised  on a farm in Falmouth, Indiana, and went to school as a kid in Mays, Indiana.  Gary has been in the barbering business since 1965, and has been at the McCordsville location for the past 30 years. 
Gary has always wanted  to cut hair in a train caboose, (which almost everyone told him he was crazy, and it wouldn't work).  But don't say you can't do something to Gary, those words aren't in his vocabulary.  Gary bought a caboose in 1995 from Evansville, and transported it on a flat-bed semi.  It has been on site ever since, with Gary cutting hair in the caboose.
Gary loves to meet all kinds of people, and is very good with the kids also.  Anyone who has been there a few times knows he loves to tell some stories; sharing both life events and local history with every haircut.  If you are looking for a down home kinda guy, then Gary is your guy.  Hopefully we'll see you soon!